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Malai Veedu


Malai Veedu is a residential project located in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu, at the base of the Annamalai hill, a world-renowned spiritual pilgrimage site.

Malai Veedu is home to parents and their two children, who are both in their twenties. The mother is committed to a spiritual practice of prayer, while the father enjoys the surrounding nature, and paints beautiful watercolours. These factors informed TAS’s design, which responds to three fundamental objectives.

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Firstly, it was important to ensure accessible, efficient, and clear circulation routes. Secondly, the design seeks to promote interaction between the parents and children, while respecting their privacy. Finally, it was important to include spaces that could facilitate the maximum views to the mountain.

The ground floor of the house contains shared spaces, including the kitchen, the dining room, the living and the Pooja room. The master and guest bedrooms are also included on the ground level. French doors can be opened to allow the living area to extend on to the verandah — immersing occupants in the natural landscape that surrounds them. Located on the upper level, the third and fourth bedroom and gymnasium— can be accessed by an independent staircase that traverses the entire façade of the building.  

The nucleus or the public space of the house can be opened completely using sliding doors and this not only integrates the exterior into the house, but also will end up functioning as a large verandah, allowing its inhabitants to be immersed within the natural and social landscape that surrounds them. From this, the main volume with the staircase façade emerged.

The location of the site was essential for the formal proposal of the house. Being next to the hill, the property had two very different conditions; it has a rugged topography but also lays on practically flat land. Thinking about the stability of the land, the ease of construction and the intention to bring an openness in the living spaces, while bearing in mind the Vaastu needs of the clients.

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