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Seven Voids

Seven Voids


Commissioned by: Magnetic Fields Festival of Contemporary Music & Arts

As a festival of contemporary music and arts, we find the audience that traverses the dusty tracks of magnetic fields to be an incredibly unique microcosm of India’s creative and artistic community. This temporary community embraces the mission of collaboration through body, space and intention.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional Indian Charpai, the installation explores bed as a social space that enables sharing, socialising, playing and resting. The structure consists of a series of 8’ x 8’ steel cubes which pivot and intersect, creating a modular cluster. The beds are woven using a custom made thread designed to withstand added weight while also providing the comfort of a hammock.

The changing landscape of Seven Voids provides a fluid stage for its participants, and its performative quality lies in its ability to transform from a seating structure to a trampoline to a dance floor. By day, the installation provides respite, by night the structure provides a place to play.