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Performance Design


Slit is an experimental performance based architectural drawing methodology that investigates the relationship between body and space. The emphasis is neither on the body, nor the space, but on conditions of observation-illuminating abstract layers between body and space.

The project is structured around a series of performative objects that re-articulate the standardised perpendicular relationship between the body and the ground. The performative objects create moments of deviation through a set of precisely designed slits – single slit, double slit, vertical slit, horizontal slit, etc.

The Architectural Story Slit One

The objects are made out of 1.6mm felt fabric that is hand cut to form the slits on an otherwise flat surface. Performances are devised using the objects to re-articulate various spatial aspects such as right angles, C-form, obliqueness, horizontality, etc.

The Architectural Story Slit Two
The Architectural Story Slit Three

This intersection of designed objects and devised performances re-draws a minimal yet complex relationship between the body and the space.

The Architectural Story Slit Four
The Architectural Story Slit Five
The Architectural Story Slit Six
The Architectural Story Slit Seven